Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring pictures

Three little cousins..Brenley, Lucy, and Kaitlyn

All of the cousins on my side: 11 under 9 years old! What a party when everyone gets together!

The boys! Evan, Ethan, Jack, David and Landon

Group shot of my kids before church.

Olivia, Ethan, Lucy and Jack..doesn't get much cutier!


Rosanne said...

You are TOO cute dressing your kids in matching outfits/colors!

And that first picture....even if I didn't know by their names, you can totally tell what little girl belongs to what mama. ;) Love it.

Adorable children!! Loving all the "Smith" dimples I see.

Jori said...

I love that you dress them in matching outfits!! TOO FREAKING CUTE!

Holly said...

So, so cute. I love all their outfits, and the fact that Olivia looks like a mini Sabry!!

BandR said...

The last pic is the very best!!! :)