Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve started off with some sledding.  It was so much fun because there was a sheet of ice over the snow.  Ethan and Brett went forever and had to make themselves crash so they wouldn't wreck into a gate.  Ethan loved it!

Olivia and Jack don't like the cold at all, so they spent their time in the pick up car.  

Every year we redo the Nativity Story.  Jack is a shepard and the only way his Grandma could convince him to wear his outfit was to tell him that he killed the animal he was wearing.  Liberty, my niece, was playing Mary and when she tried to put baby Jesus in the cradle Olivia freaked out and kept trying to take the baby out.  It was pretty funny.  Ethan is a king and did a fabulous job.  

Monday, December 22, 2008

Four Babies!

What do you get when you try to get a posed picture out of four one year olds?  CHAOS!

We finally got a good one when we confined them to the stairs. In the back row there's Johnny (shawn's little boy) and Olivia and on the front row are Brooke's little twins Max and Isabella.


Jack getting ready to slide down the HUGE mountain!

Olivia when we first got outside.  She didn't last long since it was only 4 degrees outside
Ethan diggin a tunnel

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Going to see Santa

We went on Thursday to see Santa and tell him EXACTLY what we wanted for Christmas.  The boys thought it was great and are very confident that they will get everything on their list because they told Santa and because they have been good this year.  Olivia wasn't so sure about it..she never really cried but was just completely freaked out.  After I took Olivia out of the picture Santa grabbed Ethan and put him on his lap and was VERY surprised at just how heavy he was.  It went a little bit like this, "Ho ho HOOOO, wow you are a big boy."  (Ethan is super solid.)  Afterwards we went over to grandmas and watched the Grinch, a Christmas favorite.  I love this time of year!