Saturday, February 13, 2010

Enjoying the snow!

We've gotten a ton of snow this winter but have had such cold weather we couldn't really enjoy it..finally last weekend it was nice enough to go sledding. It was great to be outside!

Brooke, Ace, and Izzy doing their first run...Izzy was NOT every excited!

Jeff, Ethan, and Ace on the big tube.

The boys on top of the snow mountain..showing their muscles!

Liberty screaming during a run was a fast tube!

Brooke loading all the kids on the the bottom they all wiped out except Jack..he was pretty proud of himself.

Ethan with his tube..he didn't want a ride back up..guess he liked the exercise.

Our transportation to the kind of sledding!

Jack jumping off the mountain.

Ethan's turn.

Jack and Gymnastics

Jack has finally found his love..gymnastics! After his first time going he told me he wished he could do it a 100 hours. It's the only sport he's done so far that I haven't had to bribe him with treats to finish. It shouldn't surprise me since he's always on his head or doing a flip somewhere. Little cutie!