Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jack and Gymnastics

Jack has finally found his love..gymnastics! After his first time going he told me he wished he could do it a 100 hours. It's the only sport he's done so far that I haven't had to bribe him with treats to finish. It shouldn't surprise me since he's always on his head or doing a flip somewhere. Little cutie!


Suzi said...

He's got some mad skills!

Rosanne said...

First of all...YEAH for posting! Good job, Sabes. Now I need to take my own advice and do some blog posting of my own. I'm SO behind. ;)

Second - LOVE that he loves gymnastics. That's so cool! After dance is over, I'm getting my girls back into gymnastics. They love it too. I think dance has been okay, but Hayley really loves gymnastics better. ;) Good for him!