Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun at the Lake

We went to the local beach for the first time this week and it was great!  The kids had a lot of fun and it was a beautiful day.

Ethan and his sandcastle..he was pretty proud of himself.

Jackson wiping all of the popsicle off his face.


The Kenningtons said...

So Fun!! We want to go next time!

Rosanne said...

How are your kids so big already - Ethan is a YOUNG MAN already (but still your twin!). Ahhhh, so excited to see them....and you soon!!

Teri said...

who is that supermodel on the beach, she is just soooooo GEorgEOus!

Suzi said...

Oh, the crystal brown waters of Lake Manawa, always a good time. Adorable pics, Sab!