Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boat racing

We went over to Grandma Jody's house tonight and had boat races.  The kids put their boats together and decorated them and then raced them.  They loved it!  This first one is of Jack racing his Uncle Todd.  

He won and was SO excited!  
Ethan and his cousin Ace racing.  I am a little embarassed to say that I raced Ethan..tried my best and still lost and almost was pretty sad!  My neice Liberty came over and told me not to worry about it because I am pregnant and should have had help!  It was pretty funny.  

Cute little Ethan!  


Angie said...

that looks like a lot of fun. Next time make Brett do it for you!

Teri said...

Brett should have been the one blowing..he is full of hot air...ha! ha! (dang I am funny) By the way happy birthday foxy red!