Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ethan showin off his loot at the end of the night!  He was a transformer and darth vader this year..luckily there were lots of partys so he could take turns wearing both!

Jack and his goodies..half was already gone by the night was over..he LOVES candy.  He was batman and a storm trooper this year!
Ethan, Jack and Olivia

Ethan, Ace, and Jack in action.

The gang right before we started

Every year we hand out dead dogs and witches brew (hot dogs and cocoa) to my neighbors and the parents.  Since it was so nice this year everyone was able to sit around the fire all night.  It was great.  

Olivia did NOT like her costume..especially the shoes and hat!


Jori said...

Looks like a fun Halloween this year. I hope over time our neighborhood starts doing something for the adults like 'dead dogs and witches brew'!!!

Angie said...

I'm going to your house next year!!

Rosanne said...

They all look great! I love the last picture of Olivia trying to desperately get her shoes off. hehe!